worms & worm products

Here at the Arizona Worm Farm we have worms and worm products. We breed Red Wiggler worms that are hatched & develop right here on the farm through our worm breeding program. You can get a hold of these worms by purchasing a "bed run mix" or a worm bin - see our products page for details. 

The Red Wiggler is a great composting worm - that's why we use them at our farm and in our worm bins for starting a home worm composting program. They also make a nutrient dense soil amendment known as vermi-compost or worm castings.  

We produce castings in "wedges" (shown in the above photo) where about 10,000 worms are fed a weekly dose of 1-2" of compost and allowed to munch on that for a while. As they eat the compost and more is added they move through the wedge and leave behind castings which are harvested and offered for sale. 

Worm Compost Tea

Is a microbially rich liquid made from worm castings and can be applied directly to plants to improve health or treat mild deficiencies and pest problems. 

We brew tea weekly - view our calendar for tea availability. 


black soldier fly program

Besides Red Wigglers we also raise black soldier flys. The larvae of the black soldier fly are an invaluable part of our farm because they help process bio-waste and feed our chickens. Chickens, lizards, and fish love to eat the larvae - you can get a hold of the larvae and frass at the farm, visit our products page for purchasing options. Their excrement (scientifically known as "frass") can also be used as a soil amendment. 

Bella Fresh Salads & Mother Bunch Brewing provide the food used in our Black Soldier Fly program - thanks! Support their efforts in sustainability and local community engagement by grabbing a local craft beer downtown or eating a salad!

The Black Soldier Fly

After pupation adults only live for a few days, their mission is to reproduce & lay eggs. The larvae are voracious eaters and actually have an efficient system to devour foods quickly - check out this interesting article


compost & mulch

Our AZ Worm Farm compost is made with food waste and horse manure. It is cooked for about 6 months and turned a few times when the temperature reaches 130-140 degrees. This allows us to create a more fungally dominant compost which is ideal for use in gardens due to its natural pathogen fighting and nutrient delivery properties and water holding capacity. Pair it with a sprinkle of our castings and a layer of our mulch on top and your garden will be perfect!

In April of 2017 the City of Phoenix opened the city's new 27 acre compost facility complete with state of the art "turned aerated pile" (TAP) composting technology where large amounts of compost can be made in nearly half the time than traditional composting. The Arizona Worm Farm has partnered with the City of Phoenix to offer for sale their compost. Phoenix residents will receive a 20% discount when they purchase City of Phoenix made compost. You can find more details by visiting the City of Phoenix Composting & Green Organics Program website. 

Well Made Compost

Well made & properly finished compost is crucial for growing  healthy productive plants. Luckily its easy to do! Here at the worm farm we teach classes on composting so you can recycle your own food waste to feed your garden. Learn more on our classes page.