Gardening 101 - Grow a bountiful garden


Learn how to grow and maintain a successful garden using principles of soil science and management. 

Class registration - $25.00  - includes: 

  • 1/2 gallon box of worm castings
  • 4 vegetable starts
  • 1 bag of compost
  • Space for you and a guest (total 2 attendees)

Class is taught by Clark Furlong, Farm Manager, Arizona Worm Farm.

Note: complementary items listed above apply per registration, not per attendee. 

Worm Composting - A backyard gardener's path to garden gold


Our worms would like to extend a worm welcome to help you reduce, re-use, and recycle! Learn how to compost with worms and love food waste!  

Key topics include:

  • How to set up & maintain your worm bin
  • Where to place your worm bin
  • Why vermi-composting is great!
  • How to harvest & utilize your own worm castings

After the class attendees will tour the farm and see how our commercial worm farm works from breeding to screening for castings. 

Class registration is $60.00 and is taught by Zach Brooks, founder of the Arizona Worm Farm.  Each  registration includes (1) worm bin that you will make in class and space for a guest (total 2 attendees). 

backyard composting - the hottest way to combat food waste


Join us at the farm for a quick session on backyard composting, because the healthiest plants come straight outta compost! You will learn the basics on backyard composting such as how to set up the pile, maintain it, and how to harvest & use the compost.   

Class registration is $10.00, after completion of the course students can choose from a complementary bag of compost or gallon of compost tea. Registration allows space for two attendees. 

Note: complementary items are provided per registration, not per attendee.

Tomato growing 101 - all you need to grow the best tomatoes


Arizona Worm Farm's expert growing staff, will teach the basics of organic tomato growing.  Topics include best time to plant and what to do if you have missed the planting dates for your area

how to choose the best varieties, and an overview of how to grow tomatoes. We'll discuss sun and temperature requirements, soil preparation, planting techniques like companion planting and fertilization requirements, and tomato maintenance techniques such as watering, pruning, and harvesting.

Class registration - $25.00  - includes a gift pack worth $25:

1/2 gallon box of worm castings
4 tomato starts
1 bag of compost
Space for you and a guest (total 2 at

Beekeeping by garden variety life


Intro to Beekeeping

A two hour class dedicated to introducing attendees to the world of beekeeping in Arizona! 

Topics to be covered include:

Equipment needs 

Hive placement 


Honeybee life-cycle and behavior

Monthly responsibilities of the beekeeper


Registration is $40.00/person.

Bee/Hive Relocation

So you want to rescue bees? This two hour class is for you. 

Learn all about making wired frames, building a bee-vac, and all the different way to cut beehives out of walls, ceilings, and floors. We will talk about trap outs and forced absconds as well. This will be a fun class!  

Registration is $40.00/person. 

Queen Marking and Re-Queening

Queens are the lifeblood of the hive and the one way you can determine the behavioral characteristics of your hive. Here in Arizona it is vital to know how to manage queens.  

In this workshop you will learn: 

How to spot your queen 

How to capture her with a clip 

How to mark your queen 

How to care for mail-order queens 

How to use a push-in cage to re-queen  

You will also make your own push-in cage to take home. 

Registration is $30.00.